Next: 9:40am

Remy Sharp @rem

Welcome to #fullfrontalconf

Next: 9:50am

Jeremy Ashkenas @jashkenas

CoffeeScript Design Decisions

Next: 10:30am

Phil Hawksworth @philhawksworth

Excessive Enhancement

Next: 11:10am


Back in 30 minutes

Next: 11:40am

Marijn Haverbeke @marijnjh

Respectable code-editing in the browser

Next: 12:20pm

Rik Arends @rikarends

How we Architected Cloud9 IDE for scale on NodeJS

Next: 2:30pm

Nicholas Zakas @slicknet

Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture

Next: 3:10pm

Glenn Jones @glennjones

Beyond the page

Next: 3:50pm


Back in 30 minutes

Next: 4:20pm

Brendan Dawes @brendandawes

Beyond The Planet Of The Geeks

Next: 5:00pm

Marcin Wichary @mwichary

You gotta do what you gotta do

Party 7:00pm @ The Loft

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